A community of women making change together!


I'm Jacqueline

A change coach, advocate and a life-time student of change. Time is our most precious commodity but never sits still and one moment to the next is never the same!

As a mum, a wife, a daughter, I always feel there are so many pulls on my very being and I struggled to prioritize myself during each season of life.

I discovered that by being in a group of women seeking the same change is enough to catapult myself out and into a world of change.

My biggest change is being active daily, my most complicated change was getting unstuck and working out what needed to be done in all aspects of my life.

boostbyjax is very much part of me but as a complicated being, it is by no means all of me. I love the women I work with, their change brings so much joy to my life.

Join me and discover the joy in your change and the energy that you can harness from and give to other women, just like you.

Get results like these

Morning ☀️💜Yesterday I reached my 500k 💛💛💛💛💛It’s been an Amazing month!! Pushed myself!!That Boost was not as bad as you think It’s that Extra time you have but don’t use 😉 I’ve actually got the habit now At the end of my day I use to walk in the evening to finish my step count! Now it’s a habit It’s my time of reflection and wind down 💜 Thank U all for your support

“Just wanted to encourage everyone. Just got on the scale this morning and lost 3.5kg. The only change is me walking. Thank you ladies for keeping me active. Now I feel motivated to continue. I hope everyone had a good weekend.”

I’ve learnt this month that we can push ourselves that Extra bit .. it’s the first time since joining boost that I’ve pushed myself more than I usually do

Yesterday I had a full day of 8 hours of work/ meetings I planned to do my steps before and during my break and after .. and I did 😎 I got 20k !.

Thank U Jaquie for setting a goal and pushing me that little bit Extra


It is such a blessing to be part of your change. Having a tribe wanting your success is priceless!

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